The first Ital­ian web start-up entirely bankrolled by crowd­fund­ing went online a few weeks ago. It’s called Fat­telo! and it’s all about com­ing up with ideas col­lec­tively and then doing-it-yourself eco­log­i­cally.

Behind the new con­cept are four canny lads: Anto­nio from Flo­rence, Daniele from Ancona, Fed­erico cur­rently in Lon­don and Mat­tia from Milan. The first really good design they cooked up became the way to finance the project through crowd­fund­ing site Eppela: a DIY lamp you can make from a pizza car­ton, believe it or not.

An 01 Lamp kit, punch-cut in card­board with a led light and wor­thy of any design inte­rior, was the reward for donat­ing gen­er­ously to the project. For lesser dona­tions you got the electrics, and for the bar­gain price of a tweet or a face­book like to pub­li­cize the ini­tia­tive you could — and still can — down­load the out­line, go get a take­away pizza and do it all yourself.

94 bene­fac­tors dis­bursed almost €6500 for the scheme on Eppela in just over 40 days, and so got the start-up off the ground as a sim­ple form of lim­ited com­pany for young entre­pre­neurs. It aims to be an open-source inter­ac­tive plat­form for more eco-designs and a mar­ket­place for the best of them.

Good luck, lads!