Eco chic

Green 959

Monguzzo | 959

Paolo Ferrari still carries a bag he made over 25 years ago while studying industrial design in Milan. As a sort of talisman. It was one of the items he came up with for a re-design project entailing the use ... More

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Junk island

Vicenza | Marillina Fortuna

Marillina Fortuna, like many of us, accumulates junk. Unlike most of us, she then makes good use of it. She makes art. Beachcombing was irresistable to her long before she began assembling the detritus she'd gathered. She just liked those various ... More

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Eco-house Cà Shin

Bologna | Cà Shin

Back to nature in the hills just south of Bologna, with an eco-project steadily gaining ground, and acclaim, three years after its inception. Cà Shin is the brainchild of non-profit social cooperative Le Ali, founded by Bolognese architect Francesca Lenzi some 6 years ago. ... More

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Pineta ECOHotel

Monsano | Pineta ECOHotel

Not your usual, garden variety of hotel, this one near Ancona, low-slung and wide-spread in an out-of-town location. A motel concept has parking space for each room right outside its door, but Pineta Hotel offers weary travellers lavishly ample spaces, state-of-the-art technology, ... More

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Spellbound Contemporary Ballet at Lanificio

Rome | Lanificio

When in Rome, goes the saying, do as the Romans do. And that means, whichever aspect of contemporary culture turns you on, sooner or later you'll end up at the Lanificio. It's kept the name of the old woollen mill in ... More

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Tricycle detail

Bologna | Manoteca

Elisa Cavani is a compulsive collector of other people's junk. Always has been, by her own admission. Even before she opened her Manoteca workshop in a little stone house surrounded by parkland and open country in a suburb of Bologna, she ... More

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28 Posti

Milan | Seats 28

Well, you know exactly how many friends to round up to fill this little place in the Navigli neighbourhood of Milan, abuzz with nightlife every day of the week. But there's more to 28 Posti than its diminutive size and finely-honed cuisine ... More

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ReLuxO Mele bookcase

Rovereto | ReLuxO

Another classy lesson in the 3 environmental Rs as far as furnishings go, this time from RWA_Architetti in Rovereto, up in the Trentino, specialists in green building with a portfolio of prestigious projects close to home and a foot in the door ... More

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Milan | Cykno

The e-bike is one thing, this is another. Designed and produced, yes, for getting about independently and sustainably using pedal power with the extra surge provided by an electric motor, Cykno is the ultimate, top-of-the-range, designer electric bicycle. Made in Italy, of ... More

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The Eden Hotel in Bormio

Bormio | Eden Hotel

Antonio Citterio designed the Eden Hotel, four weathered woody blocks with lots of glass sandwiched by stone up in the Alpine Valtellina, almost on the Swiss border. It opened last year, barely a stone's throw from Bormio town centre and the ski ... More

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Community vegetable gardening in Rome

Rome | Hoe Hoe Hoe…

Roman citizens, it seems, have green fingers, and a repressed urge to put them to good use. Community gardening in the Eternal City has boomed from viral to epidemic over the last few years. When we first talked about Zappata Romana, they'd ... More

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Just what can you do with a castoff tie?

Trieste | Lister Sartoria Sociale

It all started when I saw my friend Lorena pulling her sunglasses out of a gorgeous, silky case. A conspicuous label on it read not Etro or Versace, but Lister Sartoria Sociale, and Lorena had the gen. Lister is a cooperative atelier up ... More

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