By Tatyana Parfionova, Russia

Vicenza | Origin Passion & Beliefs

If you'd rather not miss Europe's biggest temporary indie fashion store, you'll need to be in Vicenza on May 11th. The window of opportunity opens for just one day, but it's the culmination of a 4-day event during which 100 young ... More

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Introducing xfood

San Vito dei Normanni | ExFadda

As deeper southern regions go, Apulia is often deemed the exception: more outward looking and more resourceful. Well, take a look at what's going on in the vast expanses of an old winery in a small town near Brindisi. Frankly and ... More

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Fanciulla, non accettare i miei fiori, 1992

Foligno | Luciano Fabro

I've been gushing about art in general quite a lot recently, what with Arte Fiera and all, but here's something much more specific: an exhibition of drawings by Luciano Fabro in Foligno. No sculptures at all. None of those wonderfully solid, physical ... More

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The exhibition at MAST

Bologna | Arte Fiera 2014 #2

Still reeling from those three intense days at Arte Fiera, a huge success. Around 8000 people turned up just for the vernissage, and it felt like I met every single one of them. The overall attendance figure at BolognaFiere was almost 50,000, way ... More

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Art at the Fair

Bologna | Arte Fiera 2014 #1

I'm off to the Fair, this very afternoon! Need to be packing within the hour, in fact. What would you wear to Italy's biggest vernissage? Arte Fiera 2014 opens to the public in Bologna tomorrow under the artistic direction of Claudio ... More

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Spellbound Contemporary Ballet at Lanificio

Rome | Lanificio

When in Rome, goes the saying, do as the Romans do. And that means, whichever aspect of contemporary culture turns you on, sooner or later you'll end up at the Lanificio. It's kept the name of the old woollen mill in ... More

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It's that Moka Express again! Kamo! from ODI 2012

Venice | Design In The Making

The designer-as-producer trend is destined to grow. As economic conditions shift and spectacular new technologies become affordable, more and more designers are taking back the means of production. Which may be why 258 of them from 4 continents applied to ... More

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Sediments, Sentiments (Figures of Speech) 2007

Milan | Allora & Calzadilla

The sound of music, the pure, clear notes of well-trained female voices echoing out through the portal. That - rather than the magnificent 17th-century architecture - was what drew me into Palazzo Cusani last week as I was strolling along Via ... More

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Giorgio Bonomi on the cover and poster

Perugia | The Lonely Body

Ok, so we're all photographers nowadays and everyone's turning their digital gadgets around to click at arm's length. Still, there are photographers and photographers, and an unmissable exhibition in Perugia reveals the awesome variety of contemporary artistic-photographic self-portraiture. Entitled Il Corpo ... More

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Local colour, by Caspar Diederik

Matera | Urban Games

Crazy challenges and secret missions under the southern sun, that's the promise of Basilicata Border Games, a singular event for summer 2013 designed to see the region writ larger on the map of Europe and to champion Matera 2019, the city's bid ... More

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Cracking Art

Barolo | The Call of the Wild

Upstaging viticulture in Barolo over the next few days is the annual Festival of Literature and Music known as Collisioni, with an impressive line-up of international writers and musicians and a veritable horde of oversized animals - or the likenesses thereof. This year's ... More

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BrrRiva Rossa

Riva del Garda | Olive Ale

Not a typo, but a brand new and exclusive artisanal beer with a unique ingredient: an infusion of olives. Brewed on the northern shore of Lake Garda by Agraria Riva del Garda, it's making it's début tomorrow, June 24th 2013, ... More

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