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Feudo di Mezzo

Castiglione di Sicilia | Planeta

Feudo di Mezzo is where the Planeta family, 17 generations of Sicilian landowners, launched their plan to become one the region's primary wine producers by planting their first state-of-the-art modern vineyard. That was relatively recently, in 2008. The district on the ... More

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Marsala Florio

Marsala | Cantine Florio

Wine design, yes, but with the premise that this design is getting on for 200 years old. It was 1832 when Vincenzo Florio built his winery, a fine baglio (a sort of Sicilian masseria, arranged around a courtyard) with a sea view and ... More

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Indigenous varieties at Le Fabriche

Maruggio | Le Fabriche

One is quite spoilt for choice of masserie in Apulia these days. The old feudal manors renovated and offering rural hospitality, authentic experiences, organic produce, first-rate regional cuisine, golf in the garden, Mediterranean spas and so forth must number in ... More

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Dusty but not quite as old as the tavern

Ferrara | Good Ageing Potential

To call it historied would be to understate matters just a trifle. Al Brindisi wine bar in Ferrara doesn't measure its longevity in generations but in centuries, nigh on six of them actually. The first records of this venerable tavern date to 1435, when apparently it ... More

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Naples City Tasting

Naples | City Tasting

Another inspired project from the creative gang at 137A - which just happens to include my great and gifted friend Carla Celestino. A few days ago, as part of the 4-day Wine & The City happening, the multiple talents of the design studio turned the ... More

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The vintage before...

Milan | Dom Pérignon

The Italian première of the latest Dom Pérignon vintage would hardly be a humble affair. In fact, it's to be a week-long event in an exclusive ad hoc installation in the magnificent courtyard of 15th-century Palazzo Carmagnola in central Milan. Check ... More

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Eating outdoors

Pietrasanta | Enoteca Marcucci

Pietrasanta has changed a lot since I was last there at least a decade ago. The small radical-chic town in northern Tuscany famous for an alternative artsy crowd has become a bustling resort, packed with bars and restaurants and people ... More

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Underwater aging for Bisson's Abissi

Portofino — 60mBSL | Abissi

Winched up from the depths onto the recovery vessel come crate after crate packed with glistening bottles shedding their last drops of salty water onto the deck. Not some ancient cargo finally salvaged from the abyss: just a Ligurian winery's 2010 ... More

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Grapes harvested in the Collio wine district.

Capriva del Friuli | 12.5° Lodging

One of the best beds I've slept on in a while was way up in FVG, on a hill not far from Gorizia which gives its name to an outstanding Collio region estate, Russiz Superiore,  property of one Marco Felluga. Not that we realized that ... More

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The Leonardo da Vinci Winery

Vinci | Wine Loft

Finding the dalleVigne Wine Loft requires a bewildering transit through an industrial estate. But once you reach it, it's quite a find. As a restaurant, it's known for consistently superior cuisine, beautifully presented, in a smart but relaxed ambiance with a marvellous view ... More

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Art in the vineyard at Zaccagnini

Bolognano | Grape Gallery

The sweeping view from the winery encompasses rolling hills planted with neat rows of vines receding to a backdrop of distant mountains. Less predictably, looming in the foreground are giant sculptures and art installations. From family vineyard yielding no more than 1000 ... More

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C di S old winery

Casacanditella | The Old Manor

A fine retreat at any time of year, the Castello di Semivicoli has a particular attraction during these sultry dog days: it's just 20 minutes from the Adriatic coast and 20 km from the Majella mountain nature reserve, in the hilly heart ... More

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