Al fresco dining with Riccardo de Prà

Pieve d’Alpago | Riccardo De Prà

When I met Riccardo de Prà, up in the Veneto for one of our Digital Diaries, it was in capital circumstances: an amazing gourmet picnic, fixed and served by the charismatic, radical chef himself - all dressed up in jacket and hat ... More

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Pepe in Grani

Caiazzo | Pepe in Grani

The art of pizza-making reaches its pinnacle in a town of fewer than 6000 souls in the hills of northern Campania. The artist is Franco Pepe, his studio Pepe in Grani. The pizzeria, housed in an 18th century building in the ... More

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Marco and Antea

Bagheria | Marco Herbertson

Q&A. We fired a few  questions at Marco Herbertson, creator of some of the most original designs on fabric this century and founder of Kinloch. Half Italian, half Scottish and still in his twenties, he lost his heart to a Renaissance woman of Sicilian ... More

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Junk island

Vicenza | Marillina Fortuna

Marillina Fortuna, like many of us, accumulates junk. Unlike most of us, she then makes good use of it. She makes art. Beachcombing was irresistable to her long before she began assembling the detritus she'd gathered. She just liked those various ... More

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Light and shade, Futurist and rationalist

Albissola Marina | Casa Mazzotti

Ceramiche Mazzotti is a pottery in the little coastal town of Albissola Marina, about 30 km west of Genoa. One of many, because Albissola has a long and proud artistic ceramics tradition. Mazzotti, though, has one up on the others: a famous son who became a ... More

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A basket case

Viterbo | Benedetta Bruzziches

Benedetta Bruzziches, not to mince words, is a fashion phenomenon, a design success story with few equals, a free spirit who's accomplished a meteoric rise to the very top of her chosen profession. Which is creating bags.   Quilted bags galore, ... More

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Opposite Jewel

Casteggio | Opposite Jewels

Shells were Antonello Malfa's first love. He started out a dozen or so years ago as designer and crafter of singular rings fashioned from what he calls gifts from the deep. From that first, inspirational wave-worn specimen found on a ... More

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The way forward?

Fontanellato | The Labyrinth

When Franco Maria Ricci finally left the helm of his extraordinary publishing house, he told the readers of FMR magazine, quoting Voltaire, 'Laissez-moi cultiver mon jardin.' And he has, spectacularly. What he's created is a monumental maze, far and away the ... More

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Optimistic businessman Carlo Piacenza

Pollone | Piacenza 1733

A crisp December day in sub-Alpine Piedmont found me on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of what seemed more like an operating theatre than a textile mill, guided by none less than proprietor Carlo Piacenza and his son Vasiliy. Now the Piacenzas are ... More

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Andrea Berton at Berton

Milan | Berton

Andrea Berton is back, in person and hands-on this time, chef-patron of a brand new restaurant in Milan's glossy new Porta Nuova district. Ristorante Berton opened last weekend as expectations soared. Inevitably, this being the amazing talent from Friuli (and a tasty morsel if ... More

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The Merry Milliner of Florence, with merry me ...

Florence | Contemporary Millinery

Hat stands, vintage luggage, fabrics and accessories... There was no resisting the tiny shop front I stumbled on last week, right opposite Palazzo Pitti, so in I went followed by South African videomaker #mymark. The diminutive atelier and outlet is HQ to Antonio Gatto, ... More

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Clocking in at the Factory

Florence | In Fabbrica

Silver spoons, yeah. And knives and forks and candlesticks. The works. Or rather, The Works Canteen again, this time from behind the scenes. I was here in Florence putting together a new ad and decided to treat my talented South African ... More

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