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L'Artigiana Viareggina, detail

Montramito| L’Artigiana Viareggina

They're all over Italy and countless once you start looking, these craft factories and workshops turning out superb goods, some for the designer labels and others holding out under their own flag. L’Artigiana Viareggina is one of the latter. In the hinterland of ... More

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Adami Sciuss

Rovereto | Adami Sciuss

On assignment up in the Trentino last week, I found this crazy, beautiful shop deep in the old heart of Rovereto. It's called Adami Sciuss and most appropriately subtitled a different place. Primarily a shoe and clothing store, for both sexes, Adami Sciuss stocks excerpts ... More

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Eye-catching fringes

San Mauro Pascoli | Yuri

If there's nothing off-the-wall in the range with the Yuri brand, it's the softest top-notch leathers, the superb craftsmanship and the relaxed styles that set these bags apart. And yes, this is yet another of those inspiring family companies that's reached, ... More

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By Tatyana Parfionova, Russia

Vicenza | Origin Passion & Beliefs

If you'd rather not miss Europe's biggest temporary indie fashion store, you'll need to be in Vicenza on May 11th. The window of opportunity opens for just one day, but it's the culmination of a 4-day event during which 100 young ... More

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Ub in Florence

Florence | Ub

Located in a little street near San LorenzoUb is what the French would call une adresse incontournable for anyone passing through Florence. In the age of globalization when even tastes seem universal, it's a real treat to discover a store as original as this, packed ... More

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A basket case

Viterbo | Benedetta Bruzziches

Benedetta Bruzziches, not to mince words, is a fashion phenomenon, a design success story with few equals, a free spirit who's accomplished a meteoric rise to the very top of her chosen profession. Which is creating bags.   Quilted bags galore, ... More

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Raro Design with inlay

Naples | Raro Design

It may not be Italy's design capital, but Naples certainly has its fair share of creative talent. Take a look at the Raro Design shop, for example, in the old-money district of Chiaia. It's just brimming with colourful, contemporary, homegrown ideas for interiors. As befits a ... More

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Opposite Jewel

Casteggio | Opposite Jewels

Shells were Antonello Malfa's first love. He started out a dozen or so years ago as designer and crafter of singular rings fashioned from what he calls gifts from the deep. From that first, inspirational wave-worn specimen found on a ... More

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Society home textiles

Lecce | Epiphany / Society

Historic Lecce, you probably know, is a labyrinth of narrow streets packed with churches and monuments in its signature Baroque style, their façades congested with intricate carvings, the interiors brimming with hosts of heavenly figures. Still, I couldn't help but pull ... More

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An Italian Theory 2014

Milan | An Italian Theory

Presenting our latest video, The Sound of Made in Italy for Artigiano Contemporaneo, at Pitti Uomo, I took a stroll around the stands and stumbled upon this seriously cool new brand of bags (mainly but not only), IMHO one of the most exciting on show ... More

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Optimistic businessman Carlo Piacenza

Pollone | Piacenza 1733

A crisp December day in sub-Alpine Piedmont found me on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of what seemed more like an operating theatre than a textile mill, guided by none less than proprietor Carlo Piacenza and his son Vasiliy. Now the Piacenzas are ... More

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The Merry Milliner of Florence, with merry me ...

Florence | Contemporary Millinery

Hat stands, vintage luggage, fabrics and accessories... There was no resisting the tiny shop front I stumbled on last week, right opposite Palazzo Pitti, so in I went followed by South African videomaker #mymark. The diminutive atelier and outlet is HQ to Antonio Gatto, ... More

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