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Ub in Florence

Florence | Ub

Located in a little street near San LorenzoUb is what the French would call une adresse incontournable for anyone passing through Florence. In the age of globalization when even tastes seem universal, it's a real treat to discover a store as original as this, packed ... More

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A basket case

Viterbo | Benedetta Bruzziches

Benedetta Bruzziches, not to mince words, is a fashion phenomenon, a design success story with few equals, a free spirit who's accomplished a meteoric rise to the very top of her chosen profession. Which is creating bags.   Quilted bags galore, ... More

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Raro Design with inlay

Naples | Raro Design

It may not be Italy's design capital, but Naples certainly has its fair share of creative talent. Take a look at the Raro Design shop, for example, in the old-money district of Chiaia. It's just brimming with colourful, contemporary, homegrown ideas for interiors. As befits a ... More

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Opposite Jewel

Casteggio | Opposite Jewels

Shells were Antonello Malfa's first love. He started out a dozen or so years ago as designer and crafter of singular rings fashioned from what he calls gifts from the deep. From that first, inspirational wave-worn specimen found on a ... More

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Society home textiles

Lecce | Epiphany / Society

Historic Lecce, you probably know, is a labyrinth of narrow streets packed with churches and monuments in its signature Baroque style, their façades congested with intricate carvings, the interiors brimming with hosts of heavenly figures. Still, I couldn't help but pull ... More

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An Italian Theory 2014

Milan | An Italian Theory

Presenting our latest video, The Sound of Made in Italy for Artigiano Contemporaneo, at Pitti Uomo, I took a stroll around the stands and stumbled upon this seriously cool new brand of bags (mainly but not only), IMHO one of the most exciting on show ... More

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Optimistic businessman Carlo Piacenza

Pollone | Piacenza 1733

A crisp December day in sub-Alpine Piedmont found me on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of what seemed more like an operating theatre than a textile mill, guided by none less than proprietor Carlo Piacenza and his son Vasiliy. Now the Piacenzas are ... More

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The Merry Milliner of Florence, with merry me ...

Florence | Contemporary Millinery

Hat stands, vintage luggage, fabrics and accessories... There was no resisting the tiny shop front I stumbled on last week, right opposite Palazzo Pitti, so in I went followed by South African videomaker #mymark. The diminutive atelier and outlet is HQ to Antonio Gatto, ... More

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Sartoria Vico fw 2013

Milan | The Triangle

No, this has nothing to do with mysterious disappearances; rather, it has everything to do with appearance. Il Triangolo is one rather special piece in a classy collection tendered by a small Milanese knitwear brand. Sartoria Vico prides itself on fusing fashion and ... More

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Branded: choose your colour

Rome | Good Jeans

We were just taking our vintage bikes back to where we'd hired them deep in the Jewish Ghetto when it started pouring with rain. Umbrella-less, Gaetano, the kids and I slipped into the nearest shop to wait out the storm. ... More

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Tricycle detail

Bologna | Manoteca

Elisa Cavani is a compulsive collector of other people's junk. Always has been, by her own admission. Even before she opened her Manoteca workshop in a little stone house surrounded by parkland and open country in a suburb of Bologna, she ... More

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Vintage through and through

Rome | No Place Like Home

We're back in Rome's Rione Monti, tucked between Via Cavour and Via Nazionale. Still retaining something of a genuine Roman working-class ambience, the area's now buzzing with artsy bars, clothing stores, galleries and markets as well as traditional restaurants, all frequented ... More

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