Pietrasanta has changed a lot since I was last there at least a decade ago. The small radical-chic town in north­ern Tus­cany famous for an alter­na­tive artsy crowd has become a bustling resort, packed with bars and restau­rants and peo­ple to patro­n­ise them.

Nonethe­less, just to be on the safe side and with the mem­ory of their stuffed pep­pers still fresh on my taste buds, I went back to Enoteca Mar­cucci. And loved every second.

It’s a fam­ily affair. The Mar­cucci grand­par­ents started it all long, long ago with a wine shop, fill­ing flasks and demi­johns from bar­rels of locally pro­duced wines. When hon­orary appren­tices Michele and Simone took over in 1987, and the goods on sale stretched to bot­tled French wines and var­i­ous spir­its, they ush­ered in an evo­lu­tion­ary spurt. The premises were ren­o­vated, food was offered to accom­pany wine tast­ing (with no lit­tle con­tri­bu­tion from the inter­ven­ing gen­er­a­tion, Giuseppe and Franca: he of the boun­teous veg­etable gar­den and she of the leg­endary zuppe), and today’s acclaimed enoteca-ristorante came into being.

In the awe­some wine-store inte­ri­ors (with art) or out on the street in fine weather, the main­stays of a refined menu are still those rus­tic Tus­can soups and grilled meats. The wine list cov­ers over 3000 labels from sev­eral coun­tries, at prices rang­ing from € under 20 to sev­eral thousands.

Divine meal, great atmos­phere. And if the cou­ple who were at the next table just hap­pen to be read­ing… really sorry if we dis­turbed your roman­tic din­ner, it’s all Gabriella’s fault for get­ting so drunk and rowdy, but then that’s what hap­pens in wine bars after all :-) .

Enoteca Mar­cucci
Via Garibaldi 40
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
+39 0584 791962