Winched up from the depths onto the recov­ery ves­sel come crate after crate packed with glis­ten­ing bot­tles shed­ding their last drops of salty water onto the deck. Not some ancient cargo finally sal­vaged from the abyss: just a Lig­urian winery’s 2010 sparkling wine, clas­sic method!

It is a well-known fact, among those who know about these things, that a good, com­plex sparkling wine has under­gone sec­ondary fer­men­ta­tion in the bot­tle under care­fully con­trolled con­di­tions. That’s the tra­di­tional method, and the right con­di­tions are ordi­nar­ily found under­ground, in a com­mon or gar­den cel­lar or such like.

Not so at Bis­son Vini in Chi­avari, where a few years ago Pier­luigi Lugano and daugh­ter Marta came up with the novel idea of try­ing the sea floor, more pre­cisely 60m beneath the waves in the bay known as Cala degli Inglesi in the Portofino Marine Park. A new tech­nique, where pres­sure was added to con­stant tem­per­a­ture and low light, and quite a dis­tinc­tion when it came to mar­ket­ing the product…

You can buy the bar­na­cled Bis­son bub­bly with the pelagic per­lage, aptly named Abissi, in their win­ery store or online.

Bis­son Vini
Corso Gianelli 28
16043 Chi­avari (GE)
+39 0185 314462