Casteggio | Opposite Jewels

Shells were Antonello Malfa‘s first love. He started out a dozen or so years ago as designer and crafter of singular rings fashioned from what he calls gifts from the deep. From that first, inspirational wave-worn specimen found on a beach, he honed his skills, experimented with new techniques and materials, and went on to produce a bold and extraordinary range enriched with semi-precious stones and branded Atlantide.

It was to get more glitter on his pearly pieces that he began to dabble in alchemy… His more recent creations, still with natural elements from the seas and forests, and stones and coloured resins, gleam with oriteExactly what it is and the process by which he makes it are Antonello’s well-guarded secrets. Suffice it to say that his new Opposite Jewels are truly objects of desire: luxuriant and luxurious compositions featured by none less than Vogue Gioiello.

Each handmade ring, necklace or pair of earrings has its unique name inspired by ancient civilizations bordering the Mediterranean, and comes certified and wax-sealed in a sumptuous sachet. Antonello works in Casteggio, just south of PaviaHere‘s a list of Italian stockists of Opposite Jewels; contact him to find out more.

Opposite is an osmosis of liquids and solid matter, art timeless and arcane, the very substance of my dream

Antonello Malfa