Communication. Travel. Italy. That sums it all up.
I’ve been obsessed with marketing, brands, globe-trotting and in love with Italy (and Italians) ever since I can remember.

With a BA in Industrial Psychology and a master’s in Digital Communication for SMEs, I moved from Cape Town to a sleepy town in southern Italy called Matera 20-odd years ago to be with this guy I met at the airport.

Now forty-something (and still with the airport guy!), I’ve been trav­el­ling the globe scouting for trends for half of my life while running my first online travel venture Viaggi di Architettura, a tour oper­a­tor spe­cial­izing in architecture and design itineraries. I have to admit that I feel like a glorified bag lady most of the time, haul­ing my Glo­be­trot­ter around and spend­ing nights in seat 1C. Apart from my own blog, I’m a guest writer for several international magazines on design and destinations worldwide.

In 2011 I founded Can’t For­get It{aly}, a 2.0 pro­duc­tion com­pany that creates visual sto­ries and video formats around Italy. #unconventional #emotional #copyleft, we crowdsource the best photographers, video makers and digital storytellers from five continents for each specific campaign or client. We supply content and visuals for the websites of more than half the regions in Italy, the Italian National Tourist Board ENIT, Pitti, luxury brands and travel-related companies as well as making in-flight entertainment for several airlines.

In summer 2014 I opened Area 8, a decidedly more tangible project. A small neighbourhood inside the UNESCO World Heritage Sassi that contains our spanking new offices, a private theatre-cum-screening room, café and residence project.