Milan | Cykno

The e-bike is one thing, this is another. Designed and produced, yes, for getting about independently and sustainably using pedal power with the extra surge provided by an electric motor, Cykno is the ultimate, top-of-the-range, designer electric bicycle. Made in Italy, of course. It’s the brainchild of Bruno Greppi, northern-Italian entrepreneur in the motorcycle sector, lately converted to electric transport for town and off-road travel. He had a word about his idea with Luca Scopel, engineer and designer torn between motorcycles and luxury interiors. Together with a couple of advertising gurus and some smart finance managers, they hatched the Cykno project.

If the look is thoroughly vintage, the materials and technology are cutting edge. Cykno has a state-of-the-art Swedish motor, a carbon fibre frame, and other components in aluminium or stainless steel produced to first-rate standards in Italy. It’s finished – nay, upholstered– in fine leather. For the finer technical details, see here, but we can tell you this beauty has a 60 km range and a recharge time of 4 hours with the battery charger stored on board. Customised versions are on the way.

Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race

H. G. Wells