Milan | Kitchen Villa

The De Ponti villa is among the oldest on the canalside in Crescenzago, within Milanese city limits but beyond the well-beaten central circuit. Matteo Reina is a young but experienced chef of those parts, full of creative promise and handsome to boot. Put the two together and you have the extraordinary experience of Kitchen Villa. For any kind of event, business or social, Kitchen Villa provides exclusive use of part of the prestigious Baroque villa with its Renaissance garden. That includes two dining rooms – a more intimate space for small groups and an altogether grander one – as well as a charming conservatory in which to warm up over cocktails and a stately drawing room for coffee and/or after-dinner drinks. All beautifully appointed with elegant period furnishings and fine art, as befits the De Ponti family, textile entrepreneurs, and in particular one renowned and emancipated daughter, Giuseppina, who established a luxury fashion house in the early 1900s.

Gourmet on-site catering by Matteo Reina is rooted in regional tradition but exquisitely creative, his attention to detail exemplified by the herb garden outside the kitchen door and superb presentations. Both menu and tableware are negotiable, depending on tastes and the type of event, or you can simply trust Matteo and go for the Chef’s Choice. Wines and their pairing will always be of the highest order. From a cosy dinner for two to a corporate event, Kitchen Villa is the new Milanese venue sans pareil.