Modica | Le Lumie

South to Sicily again, and back in breathtaking Baroque Modica for another stunning hospitality option. It’s something they do well down there (and not only). On the hill below the castle and a stone’s throw from the formidable cathedral, Le Lumie, luxury class B&B, has just 3 rooms and a deal of charm. Those three rooms differ in size and colour scheme, but they all have the same understated contemporary style and a lot of classy design detail between the timbered ceilings and the oak flooring. No shortcuts in the bathrooms, either, with mosaic tiling and some bespoke stone fittings. They all look out over the terracotta roofs of the impressive town centre, one of 8 making up another UNESCO World Heritage site.

There’s a little breakfast area in the entrance hall, and a fine breakfast you’ll get there, complete with delectable local cakes and pastries. But the real treat is to be served outdoors whenever it’s warm enough, on the lovely Mediterranean terrace-cum-garden blessed with those stunning views. Federica and family are charming and supportive hosts. Facilities include a kitchen area for use by guests, but if they direct you to nearby seafood restaurant Torre d’Oriente it’s not just because they’re behind that worthy venture too: it really is the best. That said, there’s a wealth of gastronomic excellence in town and in the surrounding area to complement the architectural monuments, the museums, some stunning countryside and great coastline. And then of course there’s the famous Modica chocolate.