Monza | Atypical

Now here’s a heartwarming tale of young artisanal spirit with a compelling vintage slant – even if skateboarding isn’t your chosen sport, art form or mode of transport. Atypical is the brand, the name of a three-dude enterprise set up a couple of years ago in Monza. The trio in question: Nicolò FormentiAlessandro Mitola and Andrea Pinca.They got together as kids, separated to follow different paths, then reunited to design and produce, with their own six hands, the cruisers of their dreams.

And that means selecting and sourcing the best solid ash for the decks. It means tough grind and craftsmanship in each stage of the production process. It means attention to minute detail for technical excellence. And it means design criteria which are both contemporary and vintage: eminently recognisable as Atypical but clearly inspired by the west coast surfing and skating culture of the 1960s and ’70s. So far they come in three design collections, with lots of lovely wood grain and coloured geometrics, and a couple of special editions. Get them through the Atypical website, from €149, or from a handful of specialist storesin Monza and nearby Milan. As the Atypical dudes say… Surf the city!