Online | Pizza Boy Start-up

The first Italian web start-up entirely bankrolled by crowdfunding went online a few weeks ago. It’s called Fattelo! and it’s all about coming up with ideas collectively and then doing-it-yourself ecologically. Behind the new concept are four canny lads: Antonio from Florence, Danielefrom Ancona, Federico currently in London and Mattia from Milan. The first really good design they cooked up became the way to finance the project through crowdfunding site Eppelaa DIY lamp you can make from a pizza carton, believe it or not.

An 01 Lamp kitpunch-cut in cardboard with a led light and worthy of any design interior, was the reward for donating generously to the project. For lesser donations you got the electrics, and for the bargain price of a tweet or a facebook like to publicize the initiative you could – and still can – download the outline, go get a takeaway pizza and do it all yourself. 94 benefactors disbursed almost €6500 for the scheme on Eppela in just over 40 days, and so got the start-up off the ground as a simple form of limited company for young entrepreneurs. It aims to be an open-source interactive platform for more eco-designs and a marketplace for the best of them. Good luck, lads!