Pescara | Mediterranean Bento

Monica Maggi is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met in a long time. A food designer, she blasted me off my feet with her recent passion for bento and amazing ideas for Italian versions of the Japanese lunch box. With her pocodesign project – which says a lot about the preference for quality over quantity -Monica does inspired nano-catering. Beautiful bento boxes of savouries, sublime chocolate pralines and divine petits fours, everything Monica designs is exclusive to the occasion. Ideas and presentation are to die for – and that’s before you try the edible goods.

Last month she got together with a couple of architect friends, Pippo Marino and Giangi Caffio, to enter a creative ideas competition to promote the Valle di Ledro (up in the Trentino) as a tourist destination, evoking traditional ironmongery crafts and specifically the iconic nail known as a brocca. Pooling their talents and enthusiasm for design, photography and communications, they won first prize in the merchandising category of Brocche 2.0 – with a range of dark chocolate nails. A quirky souvenir of the valley, Monica’s Brocche Fondenti di Ledro are just melt-in-your-mouth chocolates or a playful addition to cakes, custards and ice creams. Monica gives one-day creative cooking lessons too, in her Pescara kitchen, and makes unique soft toys and accessories… Can’t wait to get together with you again soon, Monica!