Milan | Photo Safari

Urban Italy’s Photo Safari Experience in Milan is a perfect go-to for both travellers and photography enthusiasts. This Safari may not include any animals nor jeeps, but we have the contemporary landscapes and high rises.

A specialised guide who is an expert in the field of architectural photography will lead you on this unique photo safari experience. Not only will you see the new Milanese skyline at dusk or dawn, on the outskirts of town you will also discover the industrial archaeology as well as old abandoned warehouses. Alternatively, a street photographer can take you around for some serious people-watching, amidst the busy streets and lively neighbourhoods.

All in all, the Photo Safari Experience is bound to inspire as you will discover the city of Milan through the camera’s lens.


  • Unique viewpoints to snap some shots of Milan
  • Get guided by either a street- or architecture photographer
  • Access terraces