Milan | Sciura

If you want to experience Milan in a traditional, authentic way, this is the right tour for you.

Urban Italy proposes a so-called Sciura Tour in Milan. Our Sciura Tour in may not have a professional guide, but is in fact led by a local – and not just any local, someone who has lived in Milan for over 60 years. Such a person is also known by the name of “sciur” or “sciura” – an orderly gentleman or gentlewoman who was born and raised in Milan. They will show you around the city and introduce you as to how everything used to be done in Milan. The sciura uses a Milanese dialect, to be respectful in regards to the tradition and to give you a great insight in the way things once were the norm in the city. Ranging from the 200-year-old atelier up onto the secret laboratories, which carry on the traditions and were founded by historical families from Milan. Around the corner of the Duomo you will discover ateliers where women hats and pipes were made ever since 1876. To continue exploring infusions, silver polish liquids as well as rhubarb candy from a local grocer. You will be able to enjoy the so-called handmade marron glacé (chestnuts candied in sugar syrup) – made according to the method they have used for over 100 years. The Sciura Tour ends in a 1950’s dance hall, where you can enjoy a fine taste of wine and do your thing on the dancefloor!


  • Cova for panettone
  • Drogheria Soana
  • Savinelli for pipes
  • Pasticceria Giovanni Galli