Rome | Street Food

Besides our Street Food in Venice tour, we propose a Street Food tour in Rome as well. Get to enjoy the great Roman cuisine and get a taste of the local wines. Join this gastronomic journey, from pizza slices to arancini (fried balls), there is enough choice for everyone. Urban Italy’s Street Food tour in Rome is the perfect opportunity to discover Rome’s culture, through its cuisine whilst enjoying the beautiful sights.

Through the neighbourhood known for its former abattoir, (now an exhibit and event space) Testaccio is the place to start for the Roman street food at its finest. Testaccio lies just on the edge of the city, noticeable by its solitary ancient ruins. The neighbourhood knows of delightfully packed restaurants and are wildly popular for their exquisite Roman food.

Get to taste artichokes ‘alla romana’, stuffed zucchini flowers, fish and chips Roman style, delicious hot supplì with rice and mozzarella, cheeses and other delicacies at historical Volpetti. Volpetti’s a deli located in the Testaccio neighbourhood, they have a wide range of cheeses, meats and other food items. From the finest prosciutto to the some of the best salami in town.

The tour concludes in the Campo Cestio, a cemetery for non-Catholics, where jewellery magnates Bulgari, Keats and Shelly were buried. It is an interesting place that knows of a rather bizarre history. However, it is also a beautiful spot with some fine sculptures. The place is not that well-known, so it is generally quiet which makes for a nice relaxing spot full of greenery and shade.