Venice | Dine with the Locals

Come dine in Venice with the locals. This is your chance if you wish to get away from the touristic scene and avoid the typical tourist-y restaurants. An incredible Venetian cook, antique collector and ex-interior, will welcome you into his private Venetian house, dating from the 15th century. He will prepare impeccable, authentic Venetian dishes just for you. The meals get prepared in an authentic fashion which have been developed by Venice’s historic contacts with the Greeks, Arabs, Jews, Armenians and Byzantines. These contacts led to a cuisine that may be simple, but is greatly enhanced by its ingredients often belonging to the Venetian Lagoon. With Urban Italy’s tour, you will experience a full 5-course dinner and enjoy a bottle of local wine.

Who can possibly say no to the Italian cuisine? Its simple ingredients, alluring flavours and aromas; the Italian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the best cuisines out there.

Urban Italy’s tour offers the opportunity to discover the authentic gastronomic specialities in regards to the Venetian cuisine. Venice knows of a lot of fish dishes, logically as it is located on the water. They get seasoned with vinegar, olive oil, garlic and a variety of other herbs. There are three sections when it comes down to the Venetian, in fact, the specialities and dishes are based on geography (i.e. the coastal areas, the mountains and the plains.)

In the Veneto region, Polenta is assumed to be the most common dish, which is a dish that consists of boiled cornmeal, typically served as a hot porridge but occasionally also made into a kind of loaf that can be baked, fried or grilled. Certainly give this dish a shot, you won’t regret it.

Along Venice Lagoon’s coastline, you will mainly find seafood dishes. In the plains, the dishes are popular to include grilled meat with potatoes or vegetables. In the mountains, the majority of dishes are made of quarry meat or pork. Overall, for the Italian cuisine it is typical to season its dishes with salsa verde, vinegar, mostarda, butter and olive oil. Conclusively, the Venetian cuisine knows of a broad range of traditional, local food; which you will be able to experience with our tour.

Our Dining with the Locals in Venice tour allows you to enjoy a traditional 5-course dinner, which is prepared just for you! You will also taste the finest local wine, making it a great opportunity to expand your palate.