Rome | Or Marrakesh?

You’re almost close enough to hop on a ferry to Fez, but why bother when you can find your fix of Moroccan cuisine here?  Recently opened and gathering acclaim, Riad Nour is the first and only Moroccan restaurant in Rome.

Tucked away on a side street in the upscale neighborhood of Prati, it’d be easy to miss but for the larger-than-life wooden door in unmistakeably Maghrebi style that opens onto a courtyard-style interior.  Sit down for a meal at one of the tables surrounding the fountain and your wanderlust, as well as your stomach, will be satisfied.

As soon as you walk in the door, the spicy scents of saffron, ginger and coriander will rev up your appetite.  Don’t miss out on the meze, a series of pâtés you can spread on the Moroccan style bread.  With one portion you get six different flavours ranging from sweet and cinnamony to savoury tomatoes with roasted aubergine. The menu is made up of traditional Moroccan delicacies, like the B’stilla from Fez and couscous and tagines with vegetables, chicken or fish.  Be sure to finish the meal off with a traditional mint tea.
Stop by in the evening after a movie on Piazza Cavour or an afternoon’s shopping on Via Cola di Rienzo, or as the perfect antidote to the long lines at the Vatican.  You can be sure the Pope would approve.