Rovereto | ReLuxO

Another classy lesson in the 3 environmental Rs as far as furnishings go, this time from RWA_Architetti in Rovereto, up in theTrentino, specialists in green building with a portfolio of prestigious projects close to home and a foot in the door in both the PRC and the Middle East. The architecture studio’s very own collection of original pieces for interiors and outdoors is founded on an apparently puzzling combination of concepts. It aims to fuse recycling and luxury by embellishing something obsolete or discarded with select new materials and maximum attention to formal and aesthetic criteria.

So the new objects are scrupulously studied, finished and constructed to luxury standards, and RWA_Architetti are satisfied they’re Lightening the Future by salvaging products destined for a landfill, transforming them ethically, and generating something new, original and more valuable. Such as several variations of shelving made from apple crates, a coat hanger from a wheel rim and steel rods, a stool from cardboard tubes with inner-tube-covered cushion, seating and tables from pallets, et ceteraReLuxO designs, we’re told, are unique because crafted by artisans, and reproducible because production processes follow an industrial method… Another puzzle? If Rovereto is a little out of your way, you can see for yourself at the temporary ReLuxOshowroom in Milan, in the main lobby of the Boscolo Hotel Milano in Corso Matteotti until the end of the year.