Bologna | Tea or Coffee?

For an exotic coffee experience, or just for the best cappuccino inBologna, you have to try Terzicoffeeshop and tearoom extraordinaire.

Outwardly unassuming, Manuel Terzi’s small, fragrant, retrò and highly specialised establishment, bang in the centre of the old town, exalts coffee-making to an exquisite art. He personally buys choice beans of the finest varieties and selections in the world directly from importers, stores them in their raw state and only roasts them as needed. At Terziyou can sip a Jamaica Blue Mountain, an Ethiopa Sidamo or a Sandomingo Barahona AAA, but also try exclusive blends and flavoured coffees. All prepared and served according to the strictest criteria, of course.

Terzi dedicates similar attention to tea, with over 50 sterling varieties selected by a Chinese Tea Master (one of few living), and chocolate drinks. Nor is the sweetening factor neglected: the choice of sugars mustered on the long, elegant counter is all but bewildering.

And that, apart from superior pastries and biscuits to enhance your enjoyment of the beverages, is that.

You can taste the coffees, teas and chocolates standing at the bar or at one of four tables in a small back room, and buy some of your favourite cru to take home.