Rome | Neve di Latte

Ermanno di Pomponio is possessed of an almost religious fervour when it comes to making ice cream. His profession is an art into which he pours all the poetry and humanity, the love of tradition, the unshakeable ethics, the search for excellence and the passion for environmental and health awareness that make up his uncompromising personality.

The product is, quite simply, the best. Ingredients are rigourously organic, sourced and selected from the finest producers in their field: milk and cream from a biodynamic farm in Germany, eggs from Paolo Parisi‘s unconventional establishment near Pisa, choice fairtrade brown sugars, top qualities of fruit and nuts, certified balsamic vinegar, Amedei chocolate, the purest mineral water, and so on.

I make ice cream for the method rather than the style, for a reason rather than a result, for ethics rather than profits

Ermanno di Pomponio

They’re freshly made up into delicious ice creams, on the premises, according to Ermanno’s  relentless standards, refinements on a family tradition which started in 1946. And served in or out of the new parlour called Neve di Latte in the Flaminio quarter of Rome, where all is explained.

Very convenient for the MAXXI.