Florence | Tasso Hostel

As inexpensive lodgings go, Tasso Hostel is out of the ordinary. Not so much as regards sleeping quarters, which are in effect pretty basic, but in that most trendy yet impalpable quality known as concept. It’s a concept hostel. And the idea is that of a multipurpose social space for the enjoyment of all those passing through (as well as Florentines) and much the richer for them.

Apart from 13 rooms sleeping from 1 to 6, a big kitchen, laundry room, lockers and free Wi-Fi, Tasso Hostel, which opened its doors last year, also offers singularly attractive lounge areas, its own bar, a garden and a theatreall in manicured vintage. Where, as a patron of the arts, it hosts musical events, readings, drama, art exhibitions, themed parties and diverse shows. Guests and locals mingle over drinks, are culturally edified and share impressions as well as contacts.

All this, fittingly, in the Oltrarno districtthe other side of the river, Florence‘s south bank. It’s an ever trendier part of town, but for now you can still find craft workshops and bakeries established many generations past, lively old-fashioned trattorie and vinerie still frequented by the locals, and the grocer still knows most of his clients by name. Thanks to Giuditta Barduzzi for this one.

We love music, we love art, but above all we love wine

Tasso Hostel