Florence | Ub

Located in a little street near San LorenzoUb is what the French would call une adresse incontournable for anyone passing through Florence. In the age of globalization when even tastes seem universal, it’s a real treat to discover a store as original as this, packed with surprises. Vintage furnishings – rehashed or simply displayed according to type in the manner of a proper collection – share shop space with old signs and one-off accessories made by Ratafià, a workshop where they hand-dye and hand-print scarves, aprons, socks and t-shirts.

You could easily spend a whole day at Ub, browsing for the object of your desire: those hand-made, polka-dotted socks in a unique shade…. a tin toy…. a console record player…. And drifting further in, surrounded by objects of every description and provenance, you come across a room that takes your breath away, entirely lined with rolls of vintage wallpaper, legacy of a historic Florentine retailer.

An extraordinary place. This is a guest post contributed by my long-time friend, architect Carla Celestino of Naples and Paris.