Modena | Ferrari Experience

Urban Italy proposes a tailor-made tour for the car- and more specifically, Ferrari enthusiasts. Join us on this unique Ferrari experience.

The Emilia-Romagna region is just under two hours from Milan. Here you will find Modena, the so-called supercar capital thanks to the Ferrari-, Maserati-, Lamborghini and Pagani factories all being located in this area.

Just a little bit farther from Modena, lies Maranello. Since the 1940’s, Maranello has been home to the Ferrari Factory. The factory consists of 45 buildings which accommodates over 3.000 workers. The main attractions, however, are the two Ferrari Museums – one of which is in Maranello, and the other one in Modena.

The museums house both the historic and recent models, photographic records, trophies as well as there are exclusive guided tours are being offered around the Fiorano test-track. Since 1972, Ferrari has been testing their road and competition cars on this track. Moreover, a visit to the museums can include an original workshop and a visit to the Ferrari family home. You can also experience an actual on-road test drive, or get behind the wheel at the Fiorano track.

The Ferrari experience can be combined with the area’s local gastronomic delights. We suggest a lunch at Pasticcino, near Maranello. Where its chef, Chef Luigi Montanini, has been taking care of the food for the Ferraris for more than 20 years – catering to the pros like Schumacher, Senna and Prost.

Other suggestions include:
– A visit to the Parmigiano Reggiano factory situated near Modena;
– The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Museum located in Spilamberto;
– The Casa Artusi based in Forlimpopoli – a museum dedicated to Pellegrino Artusi, the so-called father-figure of the Italian cuisine.


  • Ferrari Factory
  • Visit to the museum(s)
  • Guided tour around the Fiorano test-track
  • Local gastronomic experience