Milan | Made in Brera

Milan, seen as the international capital when it comes down to modern art, is known to set both historical- and new trends. A lot of celebrities, for example Vanessa Beecroft, took their first steps in Milan and studied art here. Let’s explore Milan’s various locations.

We will start from one of the most Bohemian districts in town, visit the Fine Arts Academy as well as its classrooms, enter the ancient stationary shop named Crespi and smell the oil colours, enjoy your time in Bar Jamaica with a glass of red wine – a place where poor artists used to barter paintings for just a plate of food, and take a look at the place where Piero Manzoni used to live (who is famous for his Anchrome that is being kept at the Moma.)

Afterwards, we will visit Museo Novecento where you will learn about the Brera avant-garde as well as you will meet up with artists who graduated from the Fine Arts Academy.

Angela Florio will light up her gorgeous woven areas, using special led string and Cecè Casile will showcase his hand carved frames which perfectly melt together with the urban photos of Gabriele Basilico.