Matera | Home away from home

There is something very special about the people in Matera, something warm and caring about those you will meet, and our local ‘signora’ is no different. She will accompany you to do the grocery shopping at the market in the local piazza and then take you to a beautiful home in the historical Sassi district where you will meet her daughter, art historian and restorer who has worked on the restoration of several of the most important buildings, cave churches and frescoes in town. Open a bottle of award winning Aglianico and help make the dinner learning not only the about the unique indigenous ingredients and skills passed down from one generation to the next in this part of the world – but also get an insider glimpse into one of the most fascinating restoration projects in Italian history – that of the Sassi of Matera.

Ingredients are simple and respect the peasant tradition where meat was scarce and parmesan a luxury for sunday guests.

Dinner includes an array of antipasti (some prepared beforehand), a vegetable pasta dish and desert.