Naples | 137A

My dear Neapolitan architect friend Carla Celestino is part of the most exciting creative spaces in southern Italy. Studio 137A is a creative think tank that brings together 9 talented souls in Naples: architects, photographers, interior and graphic designers at the precise location that once housed the famous City Hall Café.

City Hall Café was much more than a restaurant: for thirty years the location was a unique underground cultural club where musicians, writers, artists met, created, jammed.

It was here that Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys met, here in 1979 that Chet Baker performed and here that Dizzie Gillespie and Stan Getz played their Neapolitan sessions. it was the first internet café in Italy, they had the first maxi screen in the country that projected Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

In june 2001 after a very controversial legal battle the club lost it’s license to play live music and owner Dino Luglio closed doors and moved to Norway saying ‘without music the City was like a beautiful woman without a smile’.
In 2008, after being closed for many years, the complex became 137A, a creative co-working hub that also hosts pop up exhibits, workshops and events.
Today Carla and her colleagues welcome you for an exclusive Urban Italy dining experience giving you a unique insider view to the city’s fervent cultural scene.

Meet some of the movers and shakers of the creative scene in Naples while overlooking the bay and the isle of Caprì. Taste revisited Italian delicacies made by food journalist and designer. Sip on tailor made cocktails by expert mixologist in what feels like being in an enchanted garden of the historical complex.

During dinner Carla & friends will let you in on the secrets of the underground art scene in Naples and share the addresses in her little black book for a unique view of this exciting and often underestimated city.