Rome | San Lorenzo

Our San Lorenzo tour is a guided walk through the working class neighbourhood where exciting transformations of former industrial spaces are mushrooming.

Stop over at Said, the historical chocolate factory, for a light lunch, then off to Pastificio San Lorenzo, a former pasta factory. Visit various bohemian spaces and come up close with the underground scene in Rome, all guided by a local designer.

The neighbourhood of San Lorenzo has a truly unique vibe. The area began to blossom during the 1960’s, attracting a vibrant student population transforming the area into something livelier. Not to mention, the neighbourhood houses the largest university in Europe: La Sapienza University.

Visiting San Lorenzo is incomplete without a visit to the Said chocolate factory. It’s the perfect answer to Willy Wonka’s well-known chocolate factory. The outside may seem quite discrete, but the place is enormous on the inside! You can purchase a wide range of different kinds of chocolate and even some chocolate variations (e.g. liquors, powder etc.) The place also knows of a restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious hot chocolate, a tasty dessert as well as it has the opportunity to have a full course meal consisting of various classic Italian dishes with their own creative spin on it.

The Pastificio San Lorenzo is not just any local restaurant. It’s a unique melting pot of all the influences that have come together from the owners’ travel experiences. The restaurant has a traditional cuisine, where all of the flavours affirm the unique personality of the dishes. You can have an aperitif or a relaxing after supper at the lounge. Moreover, the huge marble bar serves some delicious tapas where you can sip a drink to pass the time. Both their high quality of products, in search of perfection of taste, and their ever-changing menu may astonish those who are not accustomed to these kind of choices, as well as it will satisfy the passionate wine lovers.

Many people come together in the fascinating neighbourhood that is San Lorenzo; both the young and the old, the artists and the intellects. The neighbourhood is classical Rome, with just a hint of peculiarity.