Venice | Biennale 2018

Urban Italy’s La Biennale tour is the perfect tour for art- and design lovers. La Biennale is organised by the Biennale Foundation and is a contemporary visual art exhibition in Venice. The exhibition was founded in 1895 by the Venetian City council, so it has been around for a long time. As can be gathered from its name, the exhibition is organised biennially (which means, every other odd year.) With our tour a specialised guide will show you the international exhibition.

La Biennale’s main aim is to inspire people to be more concerned and engaged with the environment, our home and other cultures. The exhibition knows of different venues, which are different pavilions that represent different countries. A part of La Biennale is located in old warehouses that are situated close to the water, creating a great atmosphere! The main focus of the exhibition may be contemporary art, but other events in the field of architecture, cinema, music, dance and theatre are also included.


  • Corderie dell’Arsenale
  • Giardini della Biennale
  • The different pavilions around Venice

In 2017, La Biennale hosts the 57th International Art Exhibition, which is named VIVA ARTE VIVA and is curated by Christine Macel. La Biennale will be open to the public as of May 13th, and will be open until November 26th, 2017; which includes both the Arsenale as well as the Giardini venues. The exhibition will also have 85 national participants in the pavilions and in Venice’s city centre. Moreover, collateral events will be presenting their exhibitions and initiatives.

With Urban Italy’s La Biennale tour, you will visit the Corderie dell’Arsenale in the morning, and the guide continues at the Giardini della Biennale in the afternoon. Not to forget, you will also discover the different pavilions.