Riva del Garda | Olive Ale

Not a typo, but a brand new and exclusive artisanal beer with a unique ingredient: an infusion of olives. Brewed on the northern shore of Lake Garda by Agraria Riva del Gardait’s making it’s début tomorrow, June 24th 2013, at the Corte del Tipico, the cooperative’s own very smart Food Court, sharing the occasion with the first notes of this year’s Garda Jazz FestivalBrrRiva Rossadeveloped with the help of brewing expert Monika Sieghart of Carador microbrewery, is a dark-amber bitter ale, fermented at low temperature, unfiltered and enriched with the celebrated olives from groves around Italy’s largest lake. The olive infusion, we’re assured, gives it a strong flavour and a refreshing edge, just the thing for quenching your thirst during the dog days and for pairing with Mediterranean summer cuisine.

The Agraria winery and oil mill, founded in 1926, is – and I quote – a shining example of the modern cooperative entrepreneurship typical of the Trentino region. It has a strong territorial bias and promotes zero-kilometre high-quality products sustainably produced. In its gleaming new premises is the Corte del Tipico, brand and store, where you can taste and purchase not only the coop’s wines, extra virgin oils and beers, but a whole host of Trentino regional delicacies and fine local produce. The BrrRiva Rossa première starts at 5pm. If you miss that, you’ll find the olive ale on sale at the Corte del Tipico and in a few other selected outlets in and around Riva del Garda.