Rome | CasaCau

Five fervently fashionable apartments in a home-from-home establishment so central it’s within splashing distance of the Trevi Fountain: CasaCau is quite a find. Within the confines – and retaining the charm – of a 17th-century building in placid Via in Arcione, it’s the warmth of the truly trendy interiors that throws the biggest punch. The refurbishment made the best of what was already there, then went for a contemporary finish that avoids extremes and tips a hat to traditional crafts. Furnishings are eclectic, imaginative, vintage too, and do what you’d expect them to do. There’s art that is fine but unpretentious and artful practical solutions. All in all, an atmospheric design concept which adds up to much more than the sum of its parts. The designer is Nora Pastore.

One bedroom, bathroom, fully-equipped open kitchenette and dining area is what’s common to all five apartments. Beyond that, they’re quite different in size and layout, each with its own distinctive facilities, décor and personality. One can accomodate 3 and another 4; one boasts a terrace overlooking a market square and others an internal patio; one has a 1970s aesthetic and another a primitive theme; one comes with its own mini-sauna and one with a gilded kitchen… and so on. But that still says nothing of their singular characters, their offbeat moods, their hipster luxuries.

Breakfast is included. You’ll find the kitchen cupboard and the fridge stocked with basics, and every morning a bag of fresh breakfast goodies is left outside your room. What’s more, there’s a superior catering service on request: CasaCau is a close relative of stylish and recently Michelin-starred eatery Stazione di Posta in the Testaccio area (right next to the MACRO), and chef Marco Martini can be commandeered to make dinner for you in your own swanky Roman pad. CasaCau intends to make you feel at home within its walls and out and about in Rome. Managers Flavia and Kevin are on hand to provide in-house services and to proffer all sorts of advice: where to eat or drink, a tailor-made itinerary – whatever you’d ask of friends. They really want you to enjoy your Roman Holiday and feel a little Roman when it ends.