Rome | Good Jeans

We were just taking our vintage bikes back to where we’d hired them deep in the Jewish Ghetto when it started pouring with rain. Umbrella-less, Gaetano, the kids and I slipped into the nearest shop to wait out the storm. That shop just happened to be Doddo, and we were greeted by a guy with enough tattoos to leave the kids exceptionally speechless, at least for a few moments. Doddo Officina Indaco opened last April, when Doddo teamed up with IED graduate and fashion designer Raffaella to set up this cool boutique and atelier where you can have your jeans bespoke. Just jeans, strictly denim, all Italian, designer quality, women’s and men’s.

You choose your denim, dictate your style (including buttons, studs, stitching and more) and Doddo Officine will make them up to measure. Your first self-designed haute couture jeans will set you back around €280; subsequent orders, once all your measurements are in the Doddodatabase, about half that. If lack of time (or budget) rules out having them made from scratch, you can still take home Doddo jeans from a ready-to-wear range of three styles in several colours, or – a great compromise –  buy an unfinished pair off the shelf and have them custom-trimmed or even redyed. I loved the area, loved the interiors, loved the people and loved the jeans!  Thanks, guys, for my special pair!