Turin | This is not an Optional!

When some new technogadget boasts a list of functions as long as your arm, over here they say it even makes the coffee. Well, the new Fiat 500L does just that.

Presented in Turin at the beginning of the month, the little crossover model with compact-car efficiency but the feel of an SUV (says Fiat), which actually looks suspiciously like a Mini Countryman (say critics), will be on the market in Europe as of October 2012 with a real espresso coffee machine as an optional – or not, for Italians at least.

Designed in collaboration with Lavazza, it docks into a console between the front seats, comes complete with cups and teaspoons, uses their A Modo Mio capsules and will cost you the modest sum of around €250 extra.

When the news broke, so did a flurry of pious ranting about safety issues. Storm in a (Lavazza) coffee cup: the machine works only when the little spacewagon is stationary and makes a tiny, truly-Italian espresso coffee. Safe as houses, we’re assured.

Never mind the AC, make sure your new 500L has the espresso maker.