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Vinarkia della Pavona

Lucca | Vinarkia della Pavona

Fancy a little wine tasting after strolling through the narrow streets of lovely Lucca - or taking a loftier turn atop those uniquely intact city walls? No problem. Right on a corner of the main drag, Via Fillungo, is one of the ... More

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Introducing xfood

San Vito dei Normanni | ExFadda

As deeper southern regions go, Apulia is often deemed the exception: more outward looking and more resourceful. Well, take a look at what's going on in the vast expanses of an old winery in a small town near Brindisi. Frankly and ... More

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Probably the best pizza on earth

Naples | Pizzeria Starita

Probably the best pizza on earth is the one you'll order at Starita, which is also everything you could possibly expect of a an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria. To start with, it's family run, always has been, by the same family for the last ... More

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Sporting memorabilia

Milan | The Yard

Smart small hotel near Porta Ticinese in the city centre, The Yard is entirely designed around an original theme: sport. But don't run away with the idea that this is some cheap gimmick or - perish the thought - anything ... More

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Looks inviting

Milan | Drogheria Plinio

A clear-cut philosophy is what they call it: food as experience, culture and the pleasure of good company. No arguing with that, or even with the less philosophical aspects of Drogheria Plinio. Open from 8 till late, the grocery-with-cuisine serves continental-style breakfasts and ... More

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KOOK details

Rome | KOOK

KOOK osteria and pizzeria in the swanky Olgiata district of Rome is, from an interior design point of view, the work of Mohamed Keilani and Luca Gasparini, otherwise known as Noses Architects.  What they'd achieved when the restaurant opened something over a year ago is a contemporary, loft-like ambiance ... More

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Osteria Michiletta

Cesena | Osteria Michiletta

The oldest tavern in Cesena is still one of the best, its good name definitively revived with the arrival of new keepers Rocco Angarola and Johanna Rapberger a decade ago. Pity they had to move from the original location, almost hallowed ground ... More

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Andrea Berton at Berton

Milan | Berton

Andrea Berton is back, in person and hands-on this time, chef-patron of a brand new restaurant in Milan's glossy new Porta Nuova district. Ristorante Berton opened last weekend as expectations soared. Inevitably, this being the amazing talent from Friuli (and a tasty morsel if ... More

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Spellbound Contemporary Ballet at Lanificio

Rome | Lanificio

When in Rome, goes the saying, do as the Romans do. And that means, whichever aspect of contemporary culture turns you on, sooner or later you'll end up at the Lanificio. It's kept the name of the old woollen mill in ... More

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Clocking in at the Factory

Florence | In Fabbrica

Silver spoons, yeah. And knives and forks and candlesticks. The works. Or rather, The Works Canteen again, this time from behind the scenes. I was here in Florence putting together a new ad and decided to treat my talented South African ... More

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Ristorante Consorzio

Turin | Consorzio

In Turin a couple of weeks ago, I was prepared for one of those boring pre-conference, semi-political, involved formal dinners. But Fabio Malanghino had a different evening in store. He'd booked at Consorzio, boasting it takes weeks to get a ... More

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Dusk over the Resort

Labico | Some Resort

Impassioned chef Antonello Colonna is no newcomer to the Italian hospitality scene and his museum piece in Rome is already a classic. Now, almost 35 years after embarking on a vulcanic career when he took over the family tavern in ... More

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