Levice | Back to Nature

In Piedmont dialect langa means tongue, and in this case a long strip of land between two valleys

Milan | Boarding Pass Art

Valeria Francione, a girlfriend of mine who’s a fashion and interior designer based in Milan, has come up with the ultimate travel souvenir.

Milan | Manna

This has to be one of my favourite eateries in Milan. And every time it’s serendipity anew quiet square in the old Turro neighbourhood.

Usigliano di Lari | Paolo Parisi

Thirty years ago, Paolo Parisi came across Le Macchie began the odyssey that brought him gastronomic guru status

Naples | La Stanza del Gusto

La Stanza del Gusto occupies part of the same historic building as Hotel Piazza Bellini, with Squisitezze Cheesebar at street level.

Isola d’Elba | Tenuta delle Ripalte

Tobia Scarpa is the architect of the recently completed Tenuta delle Ripalte winery on the island of Elba, the largest in the Tuscan archipelago.

Palermo | Osteria dei Vespri

One of Palermo‘s most refined eateries, the Osteria dei Vespri occupies the former stables of one of its most splendid palaces, noble Palazzo Gangi.

Rivoli | Food Design

Combal.Zero restaurant, in the lofty setting of Rivoli Castle and its Museum of Modern Art, is the laboratory where chef Davide Scabin

Padenghe sul Garda | Slow Drive

Imagine touring the Italian lakes in the autumn sunshine, taking the by-roads at a leisurely pace to savour every sight and sound along the way

Rome | Neve di Latte

Ermanno di Pomponio is possessed of an almost religious fervour when it comes to making ice cream.