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Hung by the neck as tradition dictates...

Vico Equense | La Tradizione

Back to the Sorrentine Peninsula again, this time for one of the best delis in all of Southern Italy, amazingly located on a little road heading inland to the heights above Vico Equense. It's simply called La Tradizione, and it stocks Campania's ... More

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Freni e Frizioni

Rome | Freni e Frizioni

Freni e Frizioni was the cool destination for summer nights in Rome this year, and still is as the nights themselves get coolerBeautiful people spill out in droves onto the piazza and occupy every available public perch within shouting distance of the ... More

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Al fresco dining with Riccardo de Prà

Pieve d’Alpago | Riccardo De Prà

When I met Riccardo de Prà, up in the Veneto for one of our Digital Diaries, it was in capital circumstances: an amazing gourmet picnic, fixed and served by the charismatic, radical chef himself - all dressed up in jacket and hat ... More

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Feudo di Mezzo

Castiglione di Sicilia | Planeta

Feudo di Mezzo is where the Planeta family, 17 generations of Sicilian landowners, launched their plan to become one the region's primary wine producers by planting their first state-of-the-art modern vineyard. That was relatively recently, in 2008. The district on the ... More

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Pepe in Grani

Caiazzo | Pepe in Grani

The art of pizza-making reaches its pinnacle in a town of fewer than 6000 souls in the hills of northern Campania. The artist is Franco Pepe, his studio Pepe in Grani. The pizzeria, housed in an 18th century building in the ... More

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The Corner Townhouse

Rome | The Corner

What news from Rome? The Corner Townhouse, that's what. Not just a hotel with food, or even a restaurant doing B&B, but a contemporary hospitality setup that has just about everything. To wit, 11 very smart rooms, a bistrot and ... More

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Franceschetta 58

Modena | Franceschetta 58

Low-cost Massimo Bottura? Well, sort of. Modena has an affordable alternative to his super-exclusive Osteria Francescana, 3 Michelin stars and one of the world's top 5 restaurants. It's called Franceschetta 58 and everything on the menu costs €8.50. Always in the avant-garde of Italian gastronomy, Bottura found ... More

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Aztec recipes

Modica | Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Modica, another of those spectacular late Baroque towns in south-eastern Sicily, has an uncommon connection with chocolate. Ancient Aztec recipes passed on, along with the crucial ingredient, by Spanish rulers whose kith and kin were busy conquering the New World, ... More

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Eco-house Cà Shin

Bologna | Cà Shin

Back to nature in the hills just south of Bologna, with an eco-project steadily gaining ground, and acclaim, three years after its inception. Cà Shin is the brainchild of non-profit social cooperative Le Ali, founded by Bolognese architect Francesca Lenzi some 6 years ago. ... More

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Extra old and superior

Modena | Acetaia di Giorgio

Now when in Modena, or indeed anywhere near, it would be a crying shame not to take in one of the temples of that prized condiment known as balsamic vinegar. Or rather, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena D.O.P, which is of ... More

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ACI room keys

Ragusa | Antico Convento Ibla

Placid setting notwithstanding, there's an awful lot on the boil in the lovely Antico Convento dei Cappuccini in Ragusa. The sixteenth-century ex-monastery, later enclosed in Mediterranean gardens, is now fully restored and remodelled, first and foremost as a superior school of ... More

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Interiors by Tanja Solci

Milan | Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

Three creative partners - Carlo Cracco, Tanja Solci  and Nicola Fanti - and a dramatic vintage-industrial setting are the recipe for success in Milan's latest swank restaurant and cocktail bar. Carlo e Camilla in Segheria opened its doors a couple of months ago ... More

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