Milan & Canale d’Alba | Librottiglia

Mikaela Bandini reports on Librottiglia, award-winning packaging design for a wine label with a tale to tell, in the coolest guide to contemporary Italy.

Chianti | Art of the Treasure Hunt

Art of the Treasure Hunt combines contemporary art and Chianti Classico in a multisensory winery tour celebrating 300 years of the renowned wine region.

Milan | Dry Cocktails & Pizza

Mikaela Bandini takes a look at Milan’s trendy Dry Cocktails & Pizza in the coolest travel guide to contemporary Italy.

Rome | Freni e Frizioni

Freni e Frizioni cocktail bar in Rome’s Trastevere gets the green light from Mikaela Bandini in the coolest travel guide to contemporary Italy.

Marsala | Cantine Florio

Cantine Florio, practically synonymous with Marsala wine, still operates from that same grand historic building.

Ferrara | Good Ageing Potential

Al Brindisi wine bar in Ferrara doesn’t measure its longevity in generations but in centuries, nigh on six of them actually.

Pietrasanta | Enoteca Marcucci

Nonetheless, just to be on the safe side and with the memory of their stuffed peppers still fresh on my taste buds, I went back to Enoteca Marcucci.

Portofino – 60mBSL | Abissi

Not some ancient cargo finally salvaged from the abyss: just a Ligurian winery’s 2010 sparkling wine, classic method!